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HDW Sliding Windows
HDW Sliding Windows Model-01


HDW Sliding Windows Model-01

Sliding Window

When the “Horizontal Slider” window opens, the window sash can move in either direction. Sliding glass windows can, in the opinion of some, be opened and shut more easily than crank windows. Horizontal sliding windows are an excellent option for rooms with access to terraces, porches, or sidewalks since they can slide open without sticking out. Modern architecture favors smooth windows, which are also popular for meeting bedroom exit criteria. A sash slides to open in a single slider. It is particularly helpful for the room’s air circulation when both window sashes are open in a double slider window.

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The new aluminum sliding windows design breaks the traditional sliding window design. It can be completely stowed to give a panoramic view of the scenery outside the window. The design of the aluminum sliding window is simple and elegant. The advantages of not occupying indoor space, the price is economical and its sealing performance is very superior.


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